Sanitary Sewer Lines and Lift Stations

There are many little details that go into getting water and waste water from one location to another. Have you ever considered how the water that goes down the drain in your home finds its way to the wastewater treatment plant? In ideal situations, the water goes down the pipe and would run downhill to the wastewater treatment plant. However, there is not always enough differentiation in elevation between your home and the treatment plant to make this work. This is why sanitary sewer lift stations exist. These sewer lines and lift stations collect water along the way and the pumps inside the lift station pick the water up and pump it—helping it in its journey to the treatment plant.

Foremost Paving employs experts in sanitary sewer line and lift station construction. With the recent growth in population in South Texas, there has been more call than ever to build these projects. Foremost Paving can help, and we invite you to make contact with us to discuss your project further.