River Pump Stations

Irrigation is an important concern in many areas, especially in South Texas. One way to make irrigation easier is through the use of river pump stations. This pump structure on the side of a river takes the water from the river and deposits it into a delivery system—for instance, an open canal or pipeline.

It is vitally important that these river pumps are properly built and maintained. The experts at Foremost Paving are highly experienced in both building and refurbishing these pump structures. Recently, we have built a full river pump structure for the city of Laredo, Texas and have also refurbished a structure built back in the 1940’s.

This means that no matter what your needs, when it comes to river pumps, Foremost Paving is on your side. If you are interested in learning more about how a river pump can help solve your water flow issues, contact us today. We can work with you on your irrigation or other construction project in Brownsville, The Rio Grande Valley and other surrounding areas in South Texas.