Water Lines

Foremost Paving is responsible for installing a large number of different types of underground utility lines. However, one of the most common types utility line installation projects we do in South Texas are water lines and water mains. With the huge population growth that McAllen, Brownsville, Weslaco and other communities in the Rio Grande Valley are experiencing, it is critical to add new water lines and new water mains, and expand what is already in place.

When you see crews working underground adding pipeline, there is a good chance that they are Foremost Paving crew installing distribution or transmission water lines. The Rio Grande Valley already has a lot of water lines, but it’s important to continue to maintain or expand the current system. Adding these pipelines sends water to the houses and buildings themselves and also provides fire protection to hydrants, allowing for continued growth and development, and economic prosperity for our South Texas region.

The team at Foremost Paving of Texas has handled complex installation and expansion projects for decades. We invite you to call or contact us online to learn more about the services we provide.