Large Diameter Pipe Irrigation Lines

In the past, much of the water from irrigation districts in South Texas has been moved around using open canals. However, there are some drawbacks to this. First, in the hot Texas sun, there is a lot of evaporation. Add the evaporated water to the water lost to seepage, and there is a lot of water that goes to waste.

One solution Foremost Paving provides is to change existing canals to large diameter pipe irrigation lines. This involves creating large pipelines underground. Irrigation districts have found that the investment in these pipelines can be justified from the savings found in the reduction of water loss. In addition, pipe irrigation lines are much safer for the public than the open canals.

Foremost Paving has handled a number of these large pipe irrigation line projects in South Texas. The Rio Grande Valley was built by controlling the flow of water from the Rio Grande River. Foremost Paving has the experience and equipment necessary to handle irrigation line projects, no matter how big. Foremost Paving has been building the RGV for decades, and we invite you to contact us for your next project.