Drill Shafts

A key method of anchoring a structure into the ground, and give it support is with drill shafts. Foremost Paving has utilized drill shafts to anchor bridges, communications towers and other structures. Foremost Paving has decades of experience working with drill shafts of all types; some of our drill shafts have extended more than 60 feet.

A drill shaft can take many different forms. Generally, we drill a hole into the ground with an auger. If the hole is dry and ground steady, we will reinforce the structure with reinforcing steel and concrete. For some projects, where the ground is not as steady, we may have to fill in with drilling mud prior to installing the reinforcing steel and concrete. Working with experts that have decades of experience, like the team at Foremost Paving, means that no matter how difficult the task, when we are finished, your project will have a strong foundation.

If you are ready to start a construction project, or you just want to talk about your options, call Foremost Paving. We will be happy to help you learn more about our services.